Insurance for your Paycheck

Keep your Cash Flow Flowing

If a person receives a serious injury or prolonged illness, they may not have the ability to work.  Disability Income Insurance protects the income flow.  Nobody is free from potential risk and employer benefits like workman's compensation only provides a benefit in the event of a workplace injury.  Non work site injuries account for approximately 62% of all injuries.  You never know when an injury or illness may strike, however, a Disability Income Policy can provide a level of financial protection providing the peace of mind that the cash keeps flowing.     

Top Causes of Disability  

• Musculoskeletal  - 29%

   Back Pain • Arthritis • Carpal Tunnel • Fibromyalgia

• Cancer - 15%

   Lung • Breast • Prostate • Bladder

• Injuries - 11%

   Motor Vehicle • Sports/Fitness • Workplace • Other 

• Mental - 9%

   Anxiety • Depression • Substance Abuse 

• Cardiovascular - 8% 

   Aneurysm of the aorta or major branches * Chronic heart failure * Chronic venous insufficiency  

• Other - 28%